We are committed to inclusion and aim to maintain and extend the schools culture and practices of inclusion for all of our students. We aim to foster a sense of community, belonging, self-confidence and to offer new opportunities to learners, taking into account their individual needs and experiences. As well as academic inclusion the values that we aspire to are to improve social inclusion for all of our learners, in particular those supported by an EHCP.

For all children and young people, quality teaching is always the most powerful to support them. Our tutors are very experienced in delivery to students with additional learning needs. Typically, specialist provision mapping and personalised learning plans will be used to provide additional and differentiated support for learners. School staff such as TA’s and other more specialist staff, may be directed to work with pupils, in pairs or small groups and sometimes individually. When planning, we take into account students’ wishes, the wishes of their parents/carers balanced to the needs of the individual. Every effort will be made to educate pupils with SEN & EAL alongside their peers in the classroom setting. We also believe technology is an effective tool that we can use to remove barriers to learning and it is utilised in a variety of ways for our SEN & EAL learners.

The SENCo, is a key element of our SEN delivery and has a wealth of experience in this specialist area of education.

Accessibility Policy – OE